He is not really someone on the ship. He is just on the lowest step of the career ladder and ranking. His story remains remarkable in spite of that. He came a long way.

From the first moment he starts telling the story. It is like a ripe pomegranate that burst open to expose the story from within. It seems as if he had to wait for Nico’s arrival to break open the story.

This is a story like any box-office success script. The script starts with a normal moment - men working on a ship, doing what they have to do.

Their story covers thirteen months - thirteen months of being under arrest in the Durban harbour. The story is about all of them except two.

Everything represents a story – you, me, us – each has a story. The universe tells a story, so much more than a series of accidentally atom formation. Our existence is a story, so much more than a planned, manipulated discourse that forces us to follow the pattern each day without even thinking about it.