"Who would have thought that, centuries ago - as the prophets say - a Child would be born in a crib in a manger? Who could have thought that this Child - the Son of Maria and Joseph - would take the sins of this world on His shoulders?

He is not really someone on the ship. He is just on the lowest step of the career ladder and ranking. His story remains remarkable in spite of that. He came a long way.

From the first moment he starts telling the story. It is like a ripe pomegranate that burst open to expose the story from within. It seems as if he had to wait for Nico’s arrival to break open the story.

This is a story like any box-office success script. The script starts with a normal moment - men working on a ship, doing what they have to do.

Their story covers thirteen months - thirteen months of being under arrest in the Durban harbour. The story is about all of them except two.