Everything represents a story – you, me, us – each has a story. The universe tells a story, so much more than a series of accidentally atom formation. Our existence is a story, so much more than a planned, manipulated discourse that forces us to follow the pattern each day without even thinking about it.

'We are being treated worse than dogs, but with one big difference. If someone does something to a dog, all are concerned. If something happens to a seaman, it is not a problem for anyone', says the Captain. He is complaining about their lot while talking to Chris in the Durban harbour. They also talk about piracy, before he tells about the challenges of a seaman's life.

It seems as if the black dog is the disease of our time. It may be the biggest challenge of our era. Some say that the animal reflects the signs of our time.

Technology is working hard on board the IRON LADY in Coega, where ore is delivered deep into the belly of the hungry, unsatisfied ship. Danie knows immediately that he is not really welcome.

When I was younger, I always found patience impossible. I was impatient when I struggled with something, or when I had to wait in line at the bank or shop. I was impatient with the people I talked to, especially if they did not understand me immediately. Impatience has always been my personal battle.