War, bomb, machine gun. Tank, missile and clouds of smoke .... how will these affect tomorrow? This is the refrain of about twenty seamen from Syria.

Gregori is a third officer on board the PACIFIC ANGEL*. In broken English he talks to Danie when he sees the Russian Bibles displayed in the dining room.

Early on Friday morning I received the WhatsApp message. Six seamen had died in an accident in the Durban harbour.

I had no idea of what had happened and checked Google to find out what I could. I was shocked to realise that I knew the vessel well. 

It is like the perfect storm, says the Philippine man to Nico. It is as if the universe’s elements work together to create a destructive phenomenon. Nothing can be saved. Everything is threatened...

On Monday 26 March, this seafarer had a very bad fall on his ship in Richards Bay and injured his hip and spine. Loffie made sure he got a brand new Cebuano Bible to read. Thank you to our donors for making it possible!

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