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The CSO aims to bring the Good News of God's Love to each person involved in a maritime life.

We have evangelists in each of the large harbours in South Africa. They visit the seafaring men on the vessels daily to care for their spiritual needs. Fellow-believers of almost every language and cultural group are our faithful, loyal supporters, donors and co-workers. The CSO has international ties with other organisations and is a member of the International Christian Maritime Association - an umbrella organisation for harbour evangelisation organisations.

Faith Ambassadors

Rina Hugo, Johan van Rensburg and Carike Keuzenkamp need no introduction.  They are beloved artists who have entertained us for many years.  All three artists have been involved with the CSO for years, not only as artists who performed for us, but also as donors.

In fact, because they were in the public eye, they were silent ambassadors for CSO!  They have done literally hundreds of concerts, morning teas, worship services and senior citizen shows for us where the platform was created to talk about CSO and the work we do.  What a blessed partnership.  We are grateful.

Because they no longer do performances, we felt to put them more prominently in the foreground as our FAITH AMBASSADORS (with their permission of course).

This means that you will also hear about CSO's stories more often via their social media pages (Facebook). Feel free to follow Rina and Carike on their Facebook pages too! We will see you there as well as on our Facebook page and Instagram page.

And please become a faith hero for us by also getting involved, either through your donation, prayers or warm-heart project.

Johan van Rensburg & Rina Hugo
Carike Keuzenkamp, Eleanor Weideman &  Rina Hugo
Rina Hugo & Carike Keuzenkamp

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