'Bible' is printed on the black cover, in fat, old-worldly Turkish letters. During the conversation Danie placed it matter-of-factly on one of the empty tables of the dining hall. He added that anyone could take it if they wanted it.

The only reason for him being here, is that he wishes to care for his parents and two younger sisters. That he wants to do with all his heart. He is their only saving grace. He is the key to a better life. He is the way to get them out of the cold claws of abject poverty. The fact that they all rely on him is the driving force that makes him get up every day and slide out of bed in the middle of the night when the alarm clock wakes him for the night shift.

She is so small and dainty, but brave and resolute. Her name is Monica and she is the only woman on board her ship. She is twenty years old in a man’s world.

‘Victor’, he introduces himself. He is the first officer on board the EUROPEAN EAGLE. Just from the way he greets, Nico knows that this man is full. He no longer lives, but Christ lives in him. 

Our Evangelist does not meet one of the top management people of a shipping line every day. The man finds it difficult to talk. He is speechless.

The cadet was on board for three months, he explains with difficulty. He got up each morning, did his work, went to bed and got up for his shift. He did not talk much. He only did what he had to.