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Since 1972 the work really showed progress. From Cape Town, Durban, South Africa's largest harbour, became the next harbour we started working.

Although we do not believe in investing in bricks and cement, but rather in the Word, we had no choice in Durban but to buy a house near the harbour to set up an office. We could not find any suitable space in the harbour to keep all our stock and to handle the administration.

Our physical address if you wish to visit us is: Suite 2, Mialab Mansions, 85 Claribel Way, Morningside. Durban. Tel. (031) 312-0163.


Missionary Worker at work

In Durban, Nico is on board the PANAMAX STAR. This ship is ready to leave, so all on board is under pressure to get everything ready for their departure. In spite of the pressure and tight schedule, Nico gets a few moments to share thoughts with some of the men. From his backpack he takes a small book that explains the way to redemption. He can give each a booklet to share the Good News from the Bible with them.  

The chief officer also approaches Nico in spite of all the hustle and bustle to get everything ready. He looks at the literature on the table and mentions, matter-of-factly that it is a pity that Nico do not have any Bibles. He explains that he has longed for an own Bible for a long time.

Fortunately Nico’s backpack is a well of wonderful gifts. He drags it closer to look at the contents more closely. To the amazement of the officer, Nico finds a Bible in his language. It is almost impossible to describe the joy in words and the gratitude is defined in a stream of disjointed words and joyful hand gestures.

Unfortunately that is all Nico has time for. He has to leave the ship as quickly as possible, or join them on their long journey that will take them through deep waters. As he leaves, his thoughts are that it would have been better to spend more time on board with the men. He feels that his work is not done yet.

Meanwhile, the news about the chief officer’s Bible spread like wild fire and Nico is only halfway down the walkway as a man from the Philippines runs toward him to ask for a Bible in his language to. Hurriedly Nico reaches into the backpack and gets hold of a Tagalog Bible.

Already on the quay, he hears a voice of an out-of-breath Russian seaman. He also really wants a Bible and once the stepladder is drawn up, he does not know when he would get another opportunity to find a Bible.