She is so small and dainty, but brave and resolute. Her name is Monica and she is the only woman on board her ship. She is twenty years old in a man’s world.

Her story is that of a heroin. She is a girl that sacrifices everything else to do this work. She is a female knight that uses the money she earns under extreme working conditions to maintain her entire family.   

Her bottle is overflowing. She carries heavily to do the work, do her duty and have little fun. It is not a pleasure and the responsibility for caring for the family is a heavy burden. She is also tired. Not the tiredness that one can resolve by catching a nap, the type of exhaustion that threatens to overcome your body, soul and heart.

For a short moment, having a cup of coffee with Nico, she can unpack about her life.

For a moment she can catch her breath.

For a moment she can find peace.

For a moment Nico can encourage her and care in a very hard and cold world. It is a world in which care is not even a word in the vocabularies. 

This all happens while Nico admires her silently.