Technology is working hard on board the IRON LADY in Coega, where ore is delivered deep into the belly of the hungry, unsatisfied ship. Danie knows immediately that he is not really welcome.

Many excuses are expressed as if they were predetermined. "No time", "Not necessary now", "Too busy now", "Perhaps tomorrow" – all excuses that we use every day. It transpires that the IRON LADY boasts iron-fast rules. "Wait over there. Perhaps someone may want to talk to you ...", the ship's guard on duty says at the steps. His voice has a disapproving tone, subtly screaming, "You are wasting your time".

Our "perhaps" and God's "perhaps" differ significantly. Only a few minutes later a young face looks into the office where Danie has to wait. Within moments it is clear that Gregori has an appointment with Danie, even though they do not know it yet. They have an appointment about a Russian Bible. The next minutes are filled with Manger moments of happiness, hope and belief, but are also spattered with Cross moments of doubt and hurt. The Russian Bible becomes a guideline to help Gregori understand something about the distance between the Manger and the Cross. It becomes more than that. Danie can assure him that there is an empty grave beyond each Cross.